It's been almost a week since the epic fun time that was Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour: Live 2 (officially Episode 53, because I say so), so it's about time I started dropping some of the bonkers brilliance into your earholes!

This first installment kicks off the show, including a terrbile quality version of the first 4 and a half minutes that were never aired, crudely ripped from a Periscope video by playing said video straight into my mic and recording it! Yes, I have been podcasting for almost 10 years, what of it?! On top of this, Barry & I have a wonderful chat with comic writer and artist Jamie Smart about all-ages comics, toilet inspecting, what exactly Donald Trump is and much more! Following this, we're joined by the lads of Fantasticast, Steve Lacey & Andrew Leyland, for comedy hijinks galore!

Enjoy! And chip into the Alzheimer's Society fund here (any and all donations are very gratefully received):

Episode Theme - 'Breakin'...There's No Stoppin' Us' by Ollie & Jerry
End Theme - 'Get Some Sleep' by Sonic The Comic

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