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Hi all!

So, I released Episode 50 a little early to make way for a Ray Gunn And Starburst Super Big Announcement Special featuring Holly Rose (creator of RGaS and voice of S.U.I.T), Ian Sharman (producer and voice of Castelan Lar), Dominic Westerland (Ray) and Georgia Humphrey (Starburst), and then the internet ate it. Or my laptop ate it. Someone ate it, and it certainly wasn't me. So instead, have this short but sweet snippet of me discussing Ray Gunn and Starburst (and why you should support S2 via IndieGoGo) and Zootropolis with myself.


Episode Theme - 'Bad Day' by REM
End Theme - 'Melody of Certain Three' by Blonde Redhead

The RGaS IndieGoGo page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ray-gunn-and-starburst-series-2/#/


In a bid to do something special for this, The Parlour's 50th episode, Stacey, Duncan & Rich got super, SUPER drunk and talked mostly about Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. We're sorry...

(MAJOR SPOILER WARNING for Batman vs Superman, The Flash and Age of Adeline. MILD SPOILER WARNING for Cop Car & Daredevil S2).


Episode Theme - 'Deadpool Rap' by Team Headkick
End Theme - 'Kiss From A Rose'by Seal

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU for sticking with this little ball of audio madness that is The Parlour. I have so much fun recording the show, chatting with friends both new and old, and discussing the things I love with anyone and everyone who cares to join in! You all know I'm never gonna stop doing this, right?! Y'all are stuck with me!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAahem, yeah, thanks for listening!

Ladies, gents and everything in between, welcome to Episode 49 of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour; the podcast best served with tea and cake! (Except there's no cake...Someone bring cake!!) Joining Stacey in The Parlour this month is comics colourist and creator and all-around cracking chap, Kris Carter!

Kris and Stacey discuss some of Kris' comic work, including Transformers (and how Stacey suffers from the rare condition of Transformers Blindness (i.e. the inability to tell most robots apart)), Doctor Who (and Kris' love/hate relationship with pinstripes) and the soon-to-be-Kickstarted Bruce Outback! Stacey raves about how fantastic Giant Days is, how terrible the Jem and The Holograms movie is and how she thought she'd taken hallucinogenic drugs when she was actually just watching the Japanese movie House, whilst Kris discusses Druid Investigations, gives his thoughts on the upcoming Preacher series and loads more!

All this, plus Stacey spoils the entire plot of Predestination in a bid to understand it. She still doesn't understand it.


Episode Theme - 'She Needs Me' by Fyfe Dangerfield
End Theme - 'It's A Job' by Wolfie's Just Fine
Welcome, ladies and gents, to the 10th episode of the best podcast about ninja turtles recorded in a kitchen in Birmingham, Podcast In A Half Shell!
This episode, Duncan and I sink our teeth into the mildly disappointing second installment of the TMNT live action movies; Secret of The Ooze! We discuss why Keno makes us want to punch him right in the kisser, why having swords makes getting out of a rope net very easy actually, how anthropomorphic animal suits can be both great and terrible all at once, and loads more!
All this, plus the Turtles losing all semblance of ninja skill, Shredder possibly suffering brain damage, and, of course, Ninja Rap... Enjoy!

Guess what, guys?! It's The Parlour's 4th birthday! Well, it was yesterday, but close enough... Anyhoops, to celebrate this momentous occasion, Stacey is joined by not one but two lovely guests; fellow UK Podcast Awards Nominees Nick and James of the 2 Grown Men podcast!

Things get weird in this one as the trio of podcast hosts seem to lose all ability to host a podcast or stay on topic at all... Things touched upon in this episode include; Deadpool, how weird willies look, why Stacey isn't suited to being on camera at all, Steven Universe, how bi-curious Nick is, Getting Doug With High, how much James loves history and wigs, Bloc Party, Gravity Falls and more besides!
Episode Theme - 'More' by Wilco
End Theme - 'She's Hearing Voices' by Bloc Party

What's this now? Oh, that's right, it's Bonus Parlour Action just for you! Following the audio disaster that was Episode 47, Stacey brings a shiny new episode to say sorry/make herself feel better about her podcasting life...!

Joining Stacey in this bonus bonanza is Parlour favourite and regular, Jenni Newman! The ladies talk about some actual books they read, Stacey bigs up The History of Future Folk, Jenni discusses her feelings on movie Wonder Woman, and they both have a fart-based meltdown. 
All this, plus Stacey's ocarina debut, Stumptown, Love and Mercy, Patsy Walker: Hellcat and more!
Episode Theme: 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World' by Tears For Fears
End Theme: 'Over The Moon' by Future Folk

You guys, I am so sorry for this episode! I'll explain more at the start of the show itself but basically this episode can be classed as a Technological NIGHTMARE. The sound quality is really bad and nothing I tried could save it. And then I got too tired/cross/sad to try anything else or re-record it. So, if you make it to the end of this episode, I owe you a cookie.*

This episode sees Rich return to The Parlour to talk The Revenant, The Hateful Eight, The Peanuts Movie, The Voices and other things that start with 'The'. Stacey does a terrible job at trying to explain just how ruddy beautiful Skal is and gets thoroughly over-excited by Agent Carter, Rich reviews some Marvel comics and tries to explain why Baskets is so good, and they both aren't sure on DC's Legends of Tomorrow...
Hope you can enjoy this with a cuppa and a slice of cake!
Episode Theme - 'You Are Killing Me' by The Dandy Warhols
End Theme - 'Rick and Morty Theme' from Pocket Mortys
*The cookies are a lie.
Welcome one and all to Podcast In A Half Shell; the podcast you come to when you want to hear two muppets talking mostly about the Ninja Turtles and partially about anything that happens to pop into their noggins! 
On this episode, it's the day before Duncan's birthday and he and I make a very unprepared attempt at reviewing Series 1 of the 1987 TMNT cartoon! I do a pretty good job at not dropping names too much (have I mentioned before that I met Townsend Coleman once?!) as we both fumble our way through 5 frankly quite ridiculous episodes of TMNT. Duncan tries to come to terms with becoming old as we discuss our intense dislike of the Neutrinos, how baffling the Turtles pizza topping choices are and how problematic the re-imagining of Baxter Stockman might be. All this, plus we talk through the new trailer for TMNT: Out Of The Shadows, figure out why Daleks suck and LOADS more.
Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas one and all! As a very special gift to all you good guys and gals out there (and even the not-so-good ones!), Stacey brings you not one, but TWO (and-a-bit) WHOLE HOURS of mulled wine, whiskey and rum-fueled Christmassy brilliance/madness! Joining Stacey at The Parlour's Christmas Boozey Do are 3 returning champions of the podcast; Stacey's husband Rich, and their good buddies Phil and Adge! 
In this end-of-year special, the 4 count down their Top Stuff of 2015, including albums, TV shows, comics and movies! Expect spoilers for pretty much everything that happened in 2015 (though weirdly they got through a review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens without spoiling a thing!) including Turbo Kid, Ash Vs Evil Dead, Supergirl, Inside Out, Master of None, Ant-Man and an absolute ton more. All this, plus made-up band names, tangents, arse panthers, Yule log scoffery and even a spot of singing!
So grab a mulled wine, a big old wedge of Yule log, and enjoy this festive (read: drunken) podcast offering!
Episode Theme - 'Afroman Is Coming To Town' by Afroman
End Theme - 'Christmas in Hollis' by Run DMC 
Hope you all have a happy, healthy, safe, nerdy, fun, frolicky Christmas! See you in 2016!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this months' installment of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! Making a triumphant return to The Parlour and promising to be nicer to Stacey than when he was last on is the lovely-jubbly cartoonist and podcaster, Luke Foster!

The pair talk about an inordinate amount of pop culture-y goodness; expect spoilers for Spectre and most episodes of Rick and Morty, plus some less spoilery chat about Supergirl, The Vision #1, Steven Universe, Art Ops #1, Adventure Time and a ton more besides. All this, plus Stacey tries to tackle to tough topic of comedy on difficult subjects whilst being super-tired and therefore fails miserably! (Basically, she's trying to say that she thinks pretty much nothing should be off limits comedy and jokes-wise, but you absolutely have the right to not find it funny).
Stacey regales Luke with some tales of her adventures at Thought Bubble Comic Con, Luke puts Stacey on his enemies list, and the pair absolutely lose their minds over Regular Show.
Episode Theme - 'Get Schwifty' from Rick and Morty S2E5 (performed by Justin Roiland)
End Theme - 'Black Sun' by Death Cab For Cutie

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