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Well helloooo there and welcome to Episode 33 of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour!

This episode sees Stacey going it alone due to allsorts of factors conspiring to stop The Parlour in it's tracks (illnesses, scheduling issues, Skype recorders pitching hissy fits etc) so it's a short one this month. Stacey briefly recaps her recent trip to Thought Bubble Comic Convention in Leeds, including details on how sweaty cosplay can be, how difficult giving out business cards is, and how FLIPPIN' BRILLIANT Thought Bubble is! All this plus some brief reviews of Gone Girl (containing mild spoilers) and The Babadook (containing mild scares), and details of the TB party.

So sit back with the festive beverage of your choice (Stacey recommends spiced orange mochas) and enjoy this little slice of solo podcasting!

Episode Theme - 'Intergalactic' by The Beastie Boys
End Theme - 'Techno Syndrome' by The Immortals

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Welcome, ladies and gents, to Episode 2 of Podcast in a Half Shell; your one-stop pod for all things heroic and half-shelled!

This episode sees Duncan and I chatting about the absolutely epic S2 finale of the current Nickelodeon TMNT cartoon, IDW's Turtles in Time 4 issue mini-series and issue #1 of the TMNT / Ghostbusters crossover. Cor, that's a lot of Turtle goodness! Hear all about what we think of Seth Green replacing Jason Biggs as Leonardo, the emotional gut punch I got on a bus reading Turtles in Time #2 and how much Duncan wants to marry Dan Schoening's artwork.

All this plus we both suffer from TMNT overload and get completely bamboozled by everything; who doesn't want to hear that?! :P

In other news, Podcast in a Half Shell & Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour now has a store; why not treat yourself to an early Christmas gift of a t-shirt with my delightful face on it? Or Duncan's delightful face? www.spcp.spreadshirt.co.uk


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L's & G's, welcome to Episode 32 of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! In this episode, Stacey is joined by her good friend, Kie 'Shotgun' Round, and her delightful hubby, Richnerd; listen in as the three get drunk and silly about pop culture! (Disclaimer: They may actually be drunk to start with, and just get drunker...)

So, what do this Terrific Trio talk about in this mammoth episode of madness? Well, lots, that's what. There's plenty of discussion (and spoilers galore) for Guardians of the Galaxy, Flash, The Walking Dead, Gotham, Marry Me, Frozen (because you all wanted to hear Stace rant about how much she dislikes that film AGAIN) and more! On top of that we talk about our top gigs of the year so far, how much we wanna see Daniel Craig's Bond try to take on Batista, Gone Girl and wrestling, plus quite a liberal sprinkling of singing!

Things take a turn for the spooky as Rich recommends some movies for the Halloween season, Stace freaks out yet again about ET, and Kie suggests we all get weirded out by Kill List. The guys talk about scary video games whilst Stace explains how she can't play them because she's a huge wuss...

So, grab a slice of pumpkin pie and enjoy this latest installment of The Parlour! SpoooOOOOoooky!

Episode Theme - 'Something From Nothing' by Foo Fighters
End Theme - 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift

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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeehoooooooooooo, The Parlour is back to it's regular programming! After the absolutely EPIC undertaking that was the broadcasting, recording, editing and put-out-ing of the 24 hour live show, things settle back down as Stacey is joined by comedian, actor, voice guy and giver of wise advice; Peter Spellos!

You may remember Peter from such things as Men in Black 2, Dinosaur Island, Transformers: Robots in Disguise and basically any movie that begins with the word 'Bikini'. Listen in as Peter discusses improv comedy, being an extra, falling into voice acting, making up shark-based ditties and much more!

All this, plus Stacey and Peter's thoughts on the new Doctor, two INCREDIBLY UNWELCOME guests, Peter's wonderfully sensible outlook on life and the pair's experiences at Auto Assembly 2014.

So grab a shot of tequila and a pile of sorbet and enjoy this return to some sort of normality in Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour!

Episode Theme - 'Big Time' by Peter Gabriel
In-Between Music - 'Boy From New York City' by The Manhattan Transfer
End Theme - 'I Am The Doctor' by Murray Gold

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Yes, dudes and dudettes; major league butt kicking is back in town!

After a 5 year(ish) hiatus, Podcast In A Half Shell is back! Bringing with it a shiny new logo (HUGE thanks to the legendary Rob Jackson) and a shiny new co-host, your one-stop pod for all things half shell has returned, bigger and better than ever.

In this inaugral episode, new co-host Duncan and I (The Parlour's very own Stacey) discuss the 1990 live action TMNT movie, and how straight up flippin' great it is. We talk about how kick ass the turtle suits are, our favourite scenes in the movie, little niggles we have, Donatello's MASSIVE FLAPPING TOP LIP and much more! Somehow we forget to address that Casey Jones is a murderer in it (a very casual one at that; "Oops...") but we do manage to talk about how I met (and melted in front of) Townsend Coleman, how we came to love the Turtles so much, whether or not film adaptations should stick strictly to source materials or not and, possibly most importantly, we tackle the tough topic of what exactly a crumpet is anyway.

We hope you enjoy this first episode; please do let us know what you think (and what you'd like us to cover in the future) by emailing staceysparlour@gmail.com or hitting us up on Twitter (@StacebobT or @Deadpool360).

Cowabunga, dudes!

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This is it, ladies and gents; the last part of the epic podcasting adventure that was Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour: Live! This grand finale features none other artistic LEGEND Adam Hughes!

In this episode, Stacey and Jenni (with their sleep deprived addled brains) try really hard not to fangirl all over Mr. Hughes, who is another contender for Nicest Dude In Comics and is an absolute top notch guest. Listen in as the group talk about allsorts of stuff, from charity work to pinup art, dogs and cats to Christopher Lee, Wonder Woman's costume and much more!

All this, plus Adam's BRILLIANT English accent, Stacey's terrible attempt at filling time with a rendition of Yakko's World, and the total moolah raised (during the recording; amazingly we've surpassed that by quite a bit now!)

So grab a slice of cake, a nice hot cuppa, relax and enjoy this piece of podcasting lusciousness! And if you do enjoy it, please think about donating a little to Operation Smile via www.justgiving.com/SPCPLive; it's almost my birthday and I would be SO CHUFFED if we could raise enough for another operation by then.

Much love to all who have listened, donated, and joined in for SPCP Live; I had a wicked time doing it and have been so overwhelmed by the donations and positive responses. Thank you all so much.

S x

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Cor, we're almost there! Joining Stacey and Jenni in the penultimate installment of SPCP Live is Geek Syndicate co-founder, author and tip-top dancefloor legend, Barry Nugent!

As the ladies inch towards the 22 hour podcasting mark, Barry does his best to perk them up and keep them going, with talk of Batman vs Superman, New Girl, cosplay and how to freak out Geek Syndicate's David Monteith with it, sporty fandom, diversity and minority representation in comics, Doctor Who and more!

As the girls go potty from sleep deprivation, why not spare a thought and a few coins for Operation Smile? Go to www.justgiving.com/SPCPLive and please give as much as you can.

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With about 17 hours straight podcasting in the bag at this point, Stacey and Jenni are joined once more by Lee Grice, this time bringing with him the absolutely amazing artist and bloody brilliant lady; Jennie Gyllblad! Unfortunately, those 17 hours seem to have sent the girls potty, as the conversation gets underway on such delightfully not safe for work topics as what a ride at a sex theme park might be like, murderous lady-parts, terrible pick up attempts, Batman XXX and more! (A bit too much more, really...)

On top of this, some vaguely sensible conversations are had about printed comics vs digital comics, the Eurovision Song Contest, King of Fighters, Jennie's comic work and even more besides in this extra-long slice of fundraising joyousness.

Please do consider giving anything you can to Operation Smile via my page: www.justgiving.com/SPCPLive

ENJOY! (And apologies... :P )

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Hot on the heels of Part 8 comes this next installment of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour: Live featuring Nick Papaconstantinou and Leigh Gallagher.

It seems the flagging has begun as the girl's pass the 15 hour podcasting mark and start to feel sleep creeping in. Luckily for them, Nick and Leigh come to the rescue with all sorts of fun stories and madness to keep everyone awake and entertained.

Nick (of the 2 Grown Men podcast), Jenni and Stacey set about discussing the items on Nick's list of stuff to talk about, but actually end up rambling about social anxieities and podcasting, horroscopes and celebrity birthdays, festivals, relationships, Prince and tons more besides.

Leigh (the Most Handsome Man in Comics) follows with his self-proclaimed 'Sexy Hour' and talk of sex theme parks, swingers cruises and International Cock or Ball... Never fear, there are also some fairly sensible, grown up conversations about being a dad, fitness regimes and Adventure Time too! As the girls hit the tiredness wall, Leigh takes the hosting seat and probably does a better interview of the girls than they've done all day! It's one not to miss :P

So grab a slice of cake, go give some dosh to Operation Smile www.justgiving.com/SPCPLive and enjoy this wedge of podcasting goodness!

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Helllllllloooooooooooooooooooo! That's right, it's time for some more live charity madness in Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! Joining Jenni and Stacey for the after dinner segment are the guys and gals of Improper Books; Laura, Matt and Christian. Hear them talk very little about Improper Books and what they do, and more about day of the week underoos, colouring in, kids eating random crap, how ET is genuinely scary, cinema etiquette, and loads more besides. This episode contains the brilliant phrase "Matt, what pants do you own?" so you can tell the calibre of conversation being had...

Following those fun fellows and females comes Andi Ewington; returning guest and comic writing guy extraoordinaire! It starts to become very obvious around this time that the stereotype of Brits not being good at self promotion really hits home, as Andi and the girls discuss the Lego Movie, Atmos vs IMAX, video game movies, IT Crowd, the sausage and bacon sandwich sauce dilemma, and a little bit about comics.

Enjoy, and don't forget, the page is still open for donations! www.justgiving.com/SPCPLive

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