Good morrow one and all, and welcome to the latest slice of geeky nonsensery in Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! For Episode 73, I am joined by Parlour regular and Official Friend Of The Show, Lee Grice! Things started off fairly light as we chat about excellent TV comedies Toast of London and IT Crowd, however things took a turn for the early Halloween as Lee and I went daaaark! We chat about (and therefore spoil to all heck) S3 of Rick And Morty, the 1990 IT TV movie-series-thingy, The Mist, Mr Mercedes and Death Note! All this, plus Lee has a Matt Berry meltdown, I reminisce about my Dream Phone days, and there's somebody at the door!

Help yourself to a slice of leftover birthday cake and enjoy!

Episode Theme - 'That's All' by Seasick Steve

End Theme - 'Terryfold' by Chaos Chaos feat. Justin Roiland

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