Ls, Gs, NBs and all in between, welcome to another special episode of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! Wonder Woman is out and IT IS GOOD; listen in as Parlour regular and flippin' top tits lady Jenni Newman and I get thoroughly over-excited by this glorious movie. Fair warning; here be spoilers!


Episode Theme - 'Wonder Woman's Wrath' by Rupert Gregson-Williams (WW OST)

End Theme - 'No Man's Land' by Rupert Gregson-Williams (WW OST)

HUGE apologies to all you lovely listeners and to Jenni for this episodes sound issues; for the most part the episode is fine, but there's occasional echo, occasional muffle-ness, and an obvious delay in spots that causes a little talking over each other. I tried to edit aruond it to keep it audible but in some bits it was impossible. I am crap at technology!

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