Holy mother of pearl, folks, it's a Dredgeland Takeover this month! That's right, John Dredge and Andy Harland have arrived at The Parlour looking to do some reviews, except I'm not 100% sure they know what 'pop culture' actually is... Andy reviews Argos, John reviews a car park, we organise a Tiny Paul Rudd Party, Alec Guinness and Yoda turn up, and somehow, despite barely talking pop culture at all, we spoil the ending to Rogue One! All this, plus such exciting games as 'Guess The Fish', '1 2 3 3 2 1' and 'Which Musical Have You Been To?' and everything going a little bit awry!


Episode Theme - 'Star Trek Theme' by Leonard Nimoy

End Theme - 'Bellbottoms' by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Editor's Note: Sorry about my hayfever sniffs (I edited out as many as I could!) and also this was recorded way before the Guardians special I released last week, hence my reluctance to spoil as the film was very new at the time!

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