Well helloooo there and welcome to Episode 33 of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour!

This episode sees Stacey going it alone due to allsorts of factors conspiring to stop The Parlour in it's tracks (illnesses, scheduling issues, Skype recorders pitching hissy fits etc) so it's a short one this month. Stacey briefly recaps her recent trip to Thought Bubble Comic Convention in Leeds, including details on how sweaty cosplay can be, how difficult giving out business cards is, and how FLIPPIN' BRILLIANT Thought Bubble is! All this plus some brief reviews of Gone Girl (containing mild spoilers) and The Babadook (containing mild scares), and details of the TB party.

So sit back with the festive beverage of your choice (Stacey recommends spiced orange mochas) and enjoy this little slice of solo podcasting!

Episode Theme - 'Intergalactic' by The Beastie Boys
End Theme - 'Techno Syndrome' by The Immortals

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