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Good morrow, lovely listeners, and welcome to Episode 69 (ooh er!) of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! Joining me in The Parlour this month are delightful regulars; my rather splendid husband, Rich, and our good friend and faux-Cockney, Phil!

We're pretty much all over the shop in this episode as I suffer with sleep deprivation whilst the whiskey's a-flowin' for Rich & Phil. We talk about Baby Driver, how much Rich adores the Oh Hello live show, Phil & Rich's thoughts on the return of Twin Peaks, and how little I know about pop culture... All this, plus me not accepting the concept of Blood Drive and having a miniature meltdown over it, Rich watching Adam Sandler movies on purpose, and Phil suffering through Alien Covenant...


Episode Theme - 'FM' by Steely Dan

End Theme - 'Shadow' by Chromatics

WARNING: Mild spoilers within, and some pretty tinny sound, sorry! It was hot as balls when we reocrded so we had the windows open, and removing the sound of the M6 wafting through reduced the quality a bit.


Ls, Gs, NBs and all in between, welcome to another special episode of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! Wonder Woman is out and IT IS GOOD; listen in as Parlour regular and flippin' top tits lady Jenni Newman and I get thoroughly over-excited by this glorious movie. Fair warning; here be spoilers!


Episode Theme - 'Wonder Woman's Wrath' by Rupert Gregson-Williams (WW OST)

End Theme - 'No Man's Land' by Rupert Gregson-Williams (WW OST)

HUGE apologies to all you lovely listeners and to Jenni for this episodes sound issues; for the most part the episode is fine, but there's occasional echo, occasional muffle-ness, and an obvious delay in spots that causes a little talking over each other. I tried to edit aruond it to keep it audible but in some bits it was impossible. I am crap at technology!


Holy mother of pearl, folks, it's a Dredgeland Takeover this month! That's right, John Dredge and Andy Harland have arrived at The Parlour looking to do some reviews, except I'm not 100% sure they know what 'pop culture' actually is... Andy reviews Argos, John reviews a car park, we organise a Tiny Paul Rudd Party, Alec Guinness and Yoda turn up, and somehow, despite barely talking pop culture at all, we spoil the ending to Rogue One! All this, plus such exciting games as 'Guess The Fish', '1 2 3 3 2 1' and 'Which Musical Have You Been To?' and everything going a little bit awry!


Episode Theme - 'Star Trek Theme' by Leonard Nimoy

End Theme - 'Bellbottoms' by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Editor's Note: Sorry about my hayfever sniffs (I edited out as many as I could!) and also this was recorded way before the Guardians special I released last week, hence my reluctance to spoil as the film was very new at the time!


Alright motherfluffers, it's BONUS EPISODE TIME! Joining me for this MASSIVELY SPOILERY Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Special is delightful gent and Awesome Comics Podcast-er, Vince Hunt! We both decided that it simply wouldn't do to just not talk about how great the lastest Marvel instalment is, so we joined forces to talk about all things Guardians! We get all emotional regarding SPOILERS, giggle about SPOILERS and...you know what, just give it a listen, yeah?

Seriously though, SPOILERS AHOY.

Episode Theme - 'Mr Blue Sky' by ELO

End Theme - 'The Chain' by Fleetwood Mac



Wahey, a new episode of Podcast In A Half Shell is here! This time around, Duncan and I are trying to wrap our minds around the absolute insane chaos that is Mutant Turtles: Superman Legend! I don't even really know how to blurb this because it's just plain crackers, so just dive in and enjoy!



Cor blimey, it's Episode 65 of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! This episode, I am joined by one half of Geek Syndicate and my SPCP Live partner in crime, Barry Nugent, as we try to put the pop culture world to rights, whilst running temperamental baths...

Join us as we discuss the Star Wars, Wonder Woman and Justice League trailers, before getting our teeth into Doctor Who's return, The Pilot, followed by me getting exasperated by cars...

It's a shorty but a goodie, so grab a slice of (Nuge)cake and enjoy!

Episode Theme - 'Big Trouble In Little China' by The Coupe De Villes

End Theme - 'Hard Times' by Paramore


Hey gang! It's time for another bonus shorty, this time featuring Friend of The Parlour and ruddy lovely lady, Jenni Newman! Jenni & I go spoiler-crazy over the Power Rangers movie, mostly trying to fathom out what the eff it was doing for the first two thirds...! We also chat a little about Paper Girls, Clone Conspiracy, Legion, Riverdale and the Flash/Supergirl musical extravaganza! Also, I want doughnuts.


Episode Theme - 'Edge of Seventeen' by Stevie Nicks

End Theme ' Power Rangers Theme


Originally broadcast live from The Grand Harbour Hotel as part of the Comic Relief 36hr podcast fundraiser, Southampton Super Pod, this episode sees me joined by 2 Grown Men, James Gillie & Nick Papaconstantinou, and we talk about EVERYTHING. Seriously, the topics we covered include (but are by no means limited to); Iron Fist, Nick potentially being a psychopath, swearing, Trolls, Pot Noodles, The Uncluded, butchers shops, Moana, Benedict Cumberbatch, Red Noses, Bob Ross, why Winnie The Pooh is called a pooh and loads more besides. I somewhat lost control, but it was very much fun!

Should you like what you hear and wish to donate to the Southampton Super Pod kitty, chuck yer coins over here: https://my.rednoseday.com/sponsor/superpod


Hello there! I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Stace, it's not time for another Parlour episode yet. What's this all about?!" Well, listener, you're in luck; I am testing a new recording system and therefore recording episodes left, right and centre! Joining me for this special bonus short(ish) episode is Friend of The Parlour, Lee Grice!

In this episode, I recount my fun podcasting times at the Southampton SuperPod charity event, Lee expresses his love for Kong: Skull Island, and we both get exasperated by The Flash's whimper of a musical episode. (Spolers a-plenty, sorry!)


Episode Theme - 'Beautiful Sunday' by Daniel Boone

End Theme - 'Morning Walk' by Side of Smooth

Donate to Comic Relief via the SuperPod here: http://www.superpod.co.uk/


Alright there folks, welcome back to The Parlour; the monthly podcast on pop culture best served with tea and cake! This month I am joined by Parlour regular and jolly fun bloke, Sam Harrison, as we get down and spoilery on such delights as Logan, Iron Fist, the DC TV shows, Royal City, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Omega Men and loads more!

All this, plus I can't cope with Sam's terrible jokes, Sam takes in stray podcasters, and we both agree that X-Men Apocalypse is not really worth a cinema ticket, even in the Somerset sticks.


Episode Theme - 'X Gon' Give It To Ya' by DMX

End Theme - 'No Diggity' by Blackstreet

Check out the schedule for the Southampton Super Pod at http://www.superpod.co.uk/ and donate to the cause at https://my.rednoseday.com/sponsor/superpod


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