Hot on the heels of Part 8 comes this next installment of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour: Live featuring Nick Papaconstantinou and Leigh Gallagher.

It seems the flagging has begun as the girl's pass the 15 hour podcasting mark and start to feel sleep creeping in. Luckily for them, Nick and Leigh come to the rescue with all sorts of fun stories and madness to keep everyone awake and entertained.

Nick (of the 2 Grown Men podcast), Jenni and Stacey set about discussing the items on Nick's list of stuff to talk about, but actually end up rambling about social anxieities and podcasting, horroscopes and celebrity birthdays, festivals, relationships, Prince and tons more besides.

Leigh (the Most Handsome Man in Comics) follows with his self-proclaimed 'Sexy Hour' and talk of sex theme parks, swingers cruises and International Cock or Ball... Never fear, there are also some fairly sensible, grown up conversations about being a dad, fitness regimes and Adventure Time too! As the girls hit the tiredness wall, Leigh takes the hosting seat and probably does a better interview of the girls than they've done all day! It's one not to miss :P

So grab a slice of cake, go give some dosh to Operation Smile and enjoy this wedge of podcasting goodness!

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