Hey hey folks, welcome to another slice of SPCP Live shenanigans! First up is podcasting juggernaut Luke Moore (of The Football Ramble, The Luke & Pete Show and On The Continent fame), who joins us to chat about podcasting and his favourite TV shows right now, as well as challenging us to name our favourite SPCP Live guest so far! (Eeeeeevil!) I regale Luke & Barry with a tale of a ludicrous family dinner and Barry shares his feelings on moths. Moths can DO ONE.

After that, we have the absolutely splendiferous Townsend Coleman joining us for a spot of chat about acting, voice acting, how he became TMNT's Michelangelo and the impact of his work. Barry & I tried to stay cool but you try not dissolving into a fan-mess when The Tick starts chatting to you! It's just not possible! SPOOOOOOOON!

Episode Theme - 'Scarface (Push It To The Limit)' by Paul Engemann

End Theme - 'The Glow' by Willie Hutch


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00:00:00: Luke Moore, 01:02:03: Townsend Coleman


Disclaimer: The SPCP Live 3 episodes will be mostly unedited. This means they will be put out as close to their live versions as possible, including (but not limited to); audio delays and the resultant accidentally-talking-over-each-other, bodily function noises (aka the World's Loudest Sneezes), slightly-too-long sections in which we try to deal with the mountain of technical problems on the day... I believe they are still very enjoyable though, and I hope you have as much fun listening in as Barry & I did when broadcasting!

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