The SPCP Live train is really rolling now, as we're joined by actor, improv coach and shark extraordinaire, Peter Spellos! Peter chats about how his UK fan-family has renamed him Uncle Albert due to his epic beard, as well as his feelings on spoilers, Krypton, and A Comedy About A Bank Robbery. We also yet again manage to talk about Infinity War without spoiling it!

After that, Holly Rose Swinyard drops by and Barry immediately springs 'Ewoks or Porgs?' on them! After a quite in depth chat about Star Wars, we get into a great conversation with Holly about cosplay, consent, photography, and their upcoming magazine 'The Cosplay Journal', concluding with the brilliant message that cosplay is for everyone. 

All this, plus a little bit of sandwich anarchy!

Episode Theme - 'Scarface (Push It To The Limit)' by Paul Engemann

End Theme - 'The Glow' by Willie Hutch


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00:01:21: Peter Spellos, 00:57:23: Holly Rose Swinyard


Disclaimer: The SPCP Live 3 episodes will be mostly unedited. This means they will be put out as close to their live versions as possible, including (but not limited to); audio delays and the resultant accidentally-talking-over-each-other, bodily function noises (aka the World's Loudest Sneezes), slightly-too-long sections in which we try to deal with the mountain of technical problems on the day... I believe they are still very enjoyable though, and I hope you have as much fun listening in as Barry & I did when broadcasting!

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