Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome to Episode 80 of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! Joining me for this festive year in review bumper extravaganza are Parlour regulars; my splendid hubby Rich, and not-a-Cockney buddy Phil! We're recounting the things we loved most about 2017 (in pop culture that is, because 2017 outside of pop culture was a bit of a nightmare, innit..!) and the odd thing we weren't so keen on. Who was disappointed by Riverdale? Which superhero movies made it into our lists? How long can two people possibly talk about Twin Peaks? Tune in to find out all this and more besides! (WARNING: Here be spoilers.)

I hope you all have a cracking Christmas and an absolutely amazing New Year. See you in 2018!

Episode Theme - 'Girl Crazy' by Hot Chocolate

End Theme - 'Systematic' by DJ Shadow feat. Nas

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