What ho, lovely listeners, welcome to the newly refurbished Parlour! Joining me and the slight smell of paint in the Parlour this month is official Friend of the Show and me; Nick Papaconstantinou!

Despite being incredibly tired, neither of us seem to be able to stop talking so in this episode (the first half of our epic ramblement) we cover such delightful topics as why Speed Racer may or may not be awful, Adam Ellis' haunting (it isn't real, says I!), transformative bodily functions, voice acting, Stranger Things and more! Cripes!


Episode Theme - 'Bird Set Free' by Sia

End Theme - '(Don't) Give Hate A Chance' by Jamiroquai

Stacey on Twitter: @StaceysParlour

Nick on Twitter: @nixsight

Stacey's Ko-Fi page (aka her Virtual Tip Jar!): https://ko-fi.com/staceysparlour

Nick's podcasts: http://othertenpercent.net/

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