Why hello there! The bunting has come down, the fancy china has been put back in it's swish display cabinet, and Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour is returning to normality after the extravanganza that was the live charity show! Well, you know, as 'normal' as it ever was..! Joining Stacey in The Parlour this month is the right flippin' brilliant Dani Abram! You may remember Dani from her wonderful bacon-saving appearance on SPCP Live: 2, in which she entirely forgot to talk about herself and talked about mental health instead (a very worthwhile and thoughtful conversation, it has to be said!)

This time, Dani talks about her experiences as an animator and Stacey learns almost immediately that animation is not a job-land she could live in! After some incredibly interesting insight into the animation industry, Stacey and Dani go to Spoiler Town on Ghostbusters (bit late to that party, innit), Stacey expresses her disdain for Suicide Squad, Dani adds herself to the list of many, many people who tell Stacey she would love Bojack Horseman, and the pair discuss cocktails, Star Trek, shopping at Lush and loads more!

It's an episode jam-packed with fun so it's recommended that you pair it with a scrummy jam doughnut, a whole mess of tea, and enjoy!

Donations for Alzheimer's Society can be made here: www.justgiving.com/spcplive2

Episode Theme - Theme from M.A.S.K
End Theme - 'Stay (I Missed You)' by Lisa Loeb

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