Guess what, guys?! It's The Parlour's 4th birthday! Well, it was yesterday, but close enough... Anyhoops, to celebrate this momentous occasion, Stacey is joined by not one but two lovely guests; fellow UK Podcast Awards Nominees Nick and James of the 2 Grown Men podcast!

Things get weird in this one as the trio of podcast hosts seem to lose all ability to host a podcast or stay on topic at all... Things touched upon in this episode include; Deadpool, how weird willies look, why Stacey isn't suited to being on camera at all, Steven Universe, how bi-curious Nick is, Getting Doug With High, how much James loves history and wigs, Bloc Party, Gravity Falls and more besides!
Episode Theme - 'More' by Wilco
End Theme - 'She's Hearing Voices' by Bloc Party
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