Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this months' installment of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! Making a triumphant return to The Parlour and promising to be nicer to Stacey than when he was last on is the lovely-jubbly cartoonist and podcaster, Luke Foster!

The pair talk about an inordinate amount of pop culture-y goodness; expect spoilers for Spectre and most episodes of Rick and Morty, plus some less spoilery chat about Supergirl, The Vision #1, Steven Universe, Art Ops #1, Adventure Time and a ton more besides. All this, plus Stacey tries to tackle to tough topic of comedy on difficult subjects whilst being super-tired and therefore fails miserably! (Basically, she's trying to say that she thinks pretty much nothing should be off limits comedy and jokes-wise, but you absolutely have the right to not find it funny).
Stacey regales Luke with some tales of her adventures at Thought Bubble Comic Con, Luke puts Stacey on his enemies list, and the pair absolutely lose their minds over Regular Show.
Episode Theme - 'Get Schwifty' from Rick and Morty S2E5 (performed by Justin Roiland)
End Theme - 'Black Sun' by Death Cab For Cutie
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