Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Episode 37 of your favourite pop culture podcast recorded from a king size bed in Birmingham by a woman with an awful memory; Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! Joining Stacey in the Parlour this month is her good buddy and fellow nerd, Mike The Hod!

In this episode, Stacey and Mike try to tackle the issues with that Batgirl cover and end up being distracted by Nutella, Stacey attempts to come to terms with the ABSOLUTE HORROR of IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44 (mind-blowingly large spoilers for that one, beware) and Hod wonders whether the comic industry has shot itself in the foot with all it's continuity-ness. They chat about a horror movie you should see, a horror movie you definitely shouldn't see, Big Hero 6, Arrow, Agent Carter, Last Man On Earth (spoilers for all the above), and developing Arnie-based Tourette's following an Arnie movie marathon...

GET TO DA CUPPA! (I laughed too hard at this; I apologise for my terrible sense of humour - Stace) Enjoy!

Episode Theme - 'Wild Frontier' by The Prodigy
End Theme - 'Sweatpants' by Childish Gambino

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