Well hello there!

I'm Stacey, owner of this here Parlour. I've always been a bit of a nerd, but really came out of my shell when I first met my now-husband back in 2005. He bought me a Captain America comic, and it was like love at first read.

I took to comics like a fish to water, and made my first forray into the world of podcasting soon afterwards, guesting on the rather fabulous Geek Syndicate show as Listener of the Month. (Episodes 41 and 41b, if you fancy listening to my early stage of geekdom!) The following month another nerdy bird made it onto the Syndicate, and listeners decided the pair of us would make a great lady-nerd podcast pairing. And thus, Comic Racks was born! Iz and I quickly hit it off and became swift buddies, attending conventions, interviewing some of our favourite creators and Iz even ended up as one of my bridesmaids!

Unfortunately, after a little over 60 episodes, Iz and I decided to call it a day on Comic Racks, due to general life thingies getting in the way. After a few months without podcasting, I couldn't contain myself any longer. Although I don't think my opinions are particularly important, I love podcasting too much to give it up. So, after some gentle cajoling at Thought Bubble 2011, I started getting plans in place to create The Parlour. And the rest, as they say, was history!

The Parlour is a place for anyone and everyone to come and talk nerdy, whether you like comics, films, TV shows, books, video games-whatever your nerdy colours are, they're accepted here. And who knows, there may ocassionally be cake!

If you'd like to join me on the show, drop me an email at staceysparlour@gmail.com or come follw me on Twitter (@StaceysParlour).

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