It's time for some musical quizzy fun, as the delightful gents from F# A# Revisited, Joe & Nick, challenge us to a 'The Chase'-style battle! It's Stace & Barry vs The Hipster (aka Joe); who will win? Tune in to find out! We also have a great chat about music in general, whilst Barry & I eat 99s far too loudly...

Up next, it's the Man of Action himself, King of All Pop Culture; Joe Kelly! We chat to Joe about the process behind adapting I Kill Giants into a rather jolly spiffing movie, why Spider-Man & Deadpool work so well together, how to keep all your writing heads on stright when you're writing a bazillion different things, and Joe weighs in on the Ewoks vs Porgs debate.

Episode Theme - 'Scarface (Push It To The Limit)' by Paul Engemann

End Theme - 'The Glow' by Willie Hutch


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00: 00:00: Joe & Nick, 00:58:22: Joe Kelly


Disclaimer: The SPCP Live 3 episodes will be mostly unedited. This means they will be put out as close to their live versions as possible, including (but not limited to); audio delays and the resultant accidentally-talking-over-each-other, bodily function noises (aka the World's Loudest Sneezes), slightly-too-long sections in which we try to deal with the mountain of technical problems on the day... I believe they are still very enjoyable though, and I hope you have as much fun listening in as Barry & I did when broadcasting!

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