Welcome to a lovely jubbly bonus episode of Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour! Parlour regular and tip-top gent Luke Foster joins me to obsess over Gravity Falls for a while. We talk about why we fell so completely in love with the show, share some of our favourite episodes and moments, and basically be massive, massive nerds about it. It's really good though guys. Like, really good!

Sadly, it seems Bill Cipher was mucking with our recording, rendering a good 25 minutes of it completely unsalvagablely static-y. My apologies to Luke for losing some top notch chat, and to you lovely listeners for all the bits later in the episode where Luke and I reference stuff that got cut. Ruddy Bill.

Also, be sure to tune into We Have Issues' Twitter Comic 2016 on Sat 15th October; follow them on Twitter @issues pod for details on the broadcast and how to donate!

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